Share Markets Tumbled : Are you worried or fearful?


The market is significantly down in the last few days because of many factors like Coronavirus, Yes Bank, fall down of crude oil prices In the global market. 

I know as an investor your confidence will be shaken due to recent turmoil in the market and sudden drop in the valuation of your investment.

Add to it the news that's being thrown by media like newspapers,  TV news, etc.will definitely add to worries and at times shake your confidence and you may question your decision to invest in Mutual Fund.

You may tempt to compare this investment with Bank deposits and might have started thinking "Had I kept money in Bank" likewise. 

But this is a very normal phenomenon in the equity market and especially in the emerging market like India which is a hot spot for all other developed countries.

I would strongly urge you to continue to stay invested in the market to earn better returns and also request to add more money in the existing funds with Preferably Lumpsum route. You may dig out your other resources and start adding investments to performing funds now which have evaluated because of this market crash. Otherwise, at least increase your sip with 25 to 30%.

This is the only market in the world where people rush to invest when prices rise. Therefore, be wise now. And start investing now in lumpsum. This is the time to add value to your investments.  Call me to clear any doubts.

Remember your patience always pays. Therefore this is not the time for redemption that you may tempt to out of fear.

Milind Bane
Insurance & Investment Advisor 
Friend Financial Services.

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