Are you sure that you have protected your family FINANCIALLY ?

Friends, today I would like to draw your attention to a very crucial aspect in every person’s life at least for those who have a family dependent on. And the most important point is, hardly a few have really been concerned and fewer out of them take a step for execution and protect their beloved ones in real sense.

In epic Mahabharat, when the other four Pandavas became unconscious except Dharmraj Yudhisthir, who was worried, a Yaksha stood before him and said that he can bring his brothers to normal stage if he answers his five questions rightly. Yudhisthir unhesitatingly nodded and here is one of those 5 crucial questions. Yaksha asked him, “what is the strange truth of life? Learned Yudhisthir replied, "DEATH". Yaksha asked, "WHY" ? and what Yudhsthir replied a 5000 years ago is applicable even today in the same sense, without any change in it. He replied that "EVERYBODY KNOWS, DEATH IS CERTAIN BUT NO ONE IS READY TO BELIEVE THAT IT WILL OCCUR ON HIM OR HER ONE DAY"

In this stressful and hectic lifestyle, the threat of death is more as compared to an earlier period and the trap is that no one believes that he is going to die and this has been the human tendency quite before the civilization process started. This has been precisely told in the above story.

Coming back to our topic today, may I ask you one question? The answer that you should give is not to me but to yourself in the larger interest of well being of your family only.


In my practice as a Financial Planner or an Insurance Advisor for the last 31 years, I have met only one person who had insured his life adequately in terms of the requirements of his family.

Nowadays, I find people talking about Term Insurance and asking for it. However, the tragedy is that they abruptly derive any figure and ask what would be the premium for say a sum assured of Rs.50 lakhs or Rs. One crore, at the most Rs.2 crores. And I have always found the requirement of these people around Rs.eight crores or even more than that.

There are scientific ways to derive one’s insurance value, precisely called HUMAN LIFE VALUE. Please remember Insurance is a science and there are scientific tools to arrive at these requirements. But hardly anyone is really prepared to even think on those lines. Especially where people have started buying an idea of insuring life only through term insurance. Then this is the only way. Any other way is just to fool self and pretending that you have done enough cannot be the solution on it.

Hence this question.

Should you feel serious to know your HUMAN LIFE VALUE through these scientific tools, please call for an appointment on my contact details provided.


Milind Bane, CFP

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