Foreword from one of our investors from Doha, Qatar

Dear Milind,

First of all, it's a beginning of the new financial year and therefore let me wish you a great financial the year ahead especially on the background of the challenges thrown to the world by Coronavirus. I feel happy to contribute towards this Volume III of the Newsletter published by your company in the larger interest of their customers and keep them updated of the financial world so as to contribute to financial awareness as it's the need of the hour.

Following are my views as an investor:

I am a new investor in this field of investment of Mutual Funds and equities. I have earlier invested in equities but the experience was not good. This was a period of Harshad Mehta approximately in 1996. Then after many years, I again started investing in equities but that time withdrew the money for investment in real estate. This was in 2013. 

When I met Milind Bane my overall portfolio was heavily invested in Real estate. My calculation was that the return on investment is to get monthly rent for family expenses and in addition appreciation in property value. I also have kept some investment in fixed deposits.

When my portfolio was reviewed by Friends Investments Chairman Milind Bane in 2015. He explained to me the importance of liquidity and explains the difference between the investment in financial assets and physical assets (the one I had already invested in real estate). Importance of Investing in Mutual Funds is another best way to create financial assets over a longer-term by the proper mix of Equity and Debt Funds. 

I have understood the importance. I started investing in a monthly SIP. I learned that till you have earning from your salary or business, keep investing in Monthly SIP. Once you retired which is obvious to have a longer period of at least 8 to 10 years of time, and then monthly returns in the form of SWP to meet your monthly expenses.

As a proper mix of longer-term debt exposure I also have my savings in life insurance, and contingency provision for health insurance through adequate Mediclaim services from Friends investments. It’s my rather appeal that everyone must take the review of his or her financial investments done vis-a-vis financial goals which Milind helps to define if not defined with the help of financial tools and take advantage of Services of Friends Investments  to build a proper portfolio towards one's financial success. I am personally satisfied with professional staff under the leadership of Chairman Milind Bane of Friend Financial Services. I wish them all success and happiness.

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